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Public Notices

*Note:  Due to the Shoppers Guide no longer providing their paper to the general Keene Township residents, the Township will be placing legal notices in the Ionia County Sentinel Standard which will be in the Legal section.  We will also be publishing these same notices occasionally, additionally by putting them in the Shoppers Guide, Lowell Ledger, or Lowell Buyers Guide as needed depending on the application location and topic.  Only residents in the 48881 zip code will get the Shoppers Guide by mail.  Others will have to pick up the Guide at their Saranac office or some Belding stores/gas stations or Lowell Buyers Guide office.  All legal notices will also, as usual, be on the Township Website and posted at the Township Hall.

The Planning Commission will hold a special meeting on October 24 to conduct a public hearing on the proposed new language to add "Accessory Dwellings" to the zoning ordinance.  They will discuss a review of the current commercial wind energy section of the zoning ordinance.  Click on "Notice ADU" below for the notice of meeting description and "ORD ADU" for the actual proposed ordinance.


Notice ADU


Consumers Energy Gas Franchise Ordinance

At the 9-12-23 Township Board meeting, they approved a gas franchise ordinance for Consumers Energy that allows gas lines to be placed in the Township.  Click on "Consumers Notice" below to read the public notice and "Consumers Ordinance" to read the adopted approved ordinance.

Consumers Notice

Consumers Ordinance

Resolution on Referendum Ballot Language

The Township Board on the 7-11-23 meeting adopted a resolution to approve the ballot language for the commercial solar energy amendments referendum that will go to the vote of the people in an election on November 7, 2023.  Click on "Ballot Resolution" below for the full document.  A copy is also posted in the Hall notice box.


Ballot Resolution

Zoning Ordinance Moratorium

The Township Board on the 7-11-23 meeting adopted a resolution and ordinance from the Planning Commission for a zoning ordinance amendment for a zoning moratorium for commercial wind and solar projects.  Click on "Zoning Moratorium Notice" below for the notice of adoption of this moratorium.  Click on "Zoning Moratorium" below for the full document.  A copy of each is also posted in the Hall notice box.

Zoning Moratorium Notice

Zoning Moratorium

Moratorium Extension

The Township Board has extended the commercial solar energy moratorium for the timing to get the referendum on an election and to tabulate the outcome of the vote.  Click on "Notice Moratorium" for the full notice of adoption below.  Click on "Extend Moratorium" below to read the full ordinance that was adopted.

Notice Moratorium

Extend Moratorium

Election Resolution

Resolution of placing the commercial solar energy amendments referendum on the election date of November 7, 2023.  Click on "Resolution for Solar Election" below for the full resolution.

Resolution for Solar Election

Extend Commercial Solar Moratorium

The Board has extended the time limit for the moratorium to June 30, 2023.  Click on "Notice Extend Solar" for the notice and "Ordinance Extend Solar" for the full ordinance.

Notice Extend Solar


Ordinance Extend Solar

Solar Moratorium

The Township Board adopted on 10-11-22 a moratorium for 6 months to not accept any commercial solar energy project applications in the Township while ordinance amendments are being worked on by the Planning Commission.  Click on "Moratorium Notice" for the full notice and "Moratorium Ordinance" for the full moratorium language ordinance.

Moratorium Notice

Moratorium Ordinance


Check with your local Fire Department on  Burn Permits 

Below is a link to the Michigan DNR page for burning information

DNR Link

Meeting Dates


Keene Township Hall

8505 Potters Rd, Saranac, MI 48881 


Keene Township Regular Meeting Dates

All Meetings Start at 7:00 pm unless posted differently

Printable 2023-2024 Fiscal Year Meeting Dates


Township Board                      


2023-2024 Fiscal Year

April 11

May 9

June 13

July 11

August 9 Wednesday

September 12

October 10

November 8 

December 12

January 9, 2024 

February 13, 2024  

March 13, 2024 (Regular and Annual Meeting)  


Planning Commission


2023-2024 Fiscal Year

January 3

February 7

March 7

April 4 is changed to April 10

August 1

Special Meeting October 24

December 5

February 6, 2024


Zoning Board of Appeals

Meet only when an application is received


*See public notice above for any current applications


Note:  Meeting minutes are under the Information tab, then the Minutes tab to view them.

November 7 Election Info

The Clerk will be at the Township Hall on Saturday, November 4 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to register to vote or obtain or drop off absentee ballots.  The voting machine public testing will be done on Monday, October 23 at 5:45 pm.

See below for what is on the ballot:

The adopted commercial solar energy amendments, due to a referendum, will be placed on the election on November 7, 2023. 

The ballot language will read as follows:




Shall the Solar Ordinance Amendments to the Keene Township Zoning Ordinance, adopted on April 24, 2023, be approved?


            Yes      


            No       

The commercial solar energy amendments adopted on 4-24-23 will take effect and be added to the zoning ordinance if the residents vote "yes" to approve the amendments on the November 7, 2023 election date. A vote of "no" on the amendments means the current 2018 commercial solar energy ordinance section stays in effect as written in the zoning ordinance. 


To review the commercial solar energy amendments up for the election, click on "Solar Amendments 2023" below.  The language in pink is all new wording being added to the existing ordinance section and black words are the existing language.  A strike-through is language to be removed.  To review the 2018 existing current commercial solar energy section, click below on "2018 Comm Solar Section".

Solar Amendments 2023

2018 Comm Solar Section

New Committees are Being Formed (July)

If you want to volunteer for any of the committees below then call Bob Schafer at 616-292-5569 or email to sign up.  Watch here for future meeting dates and info.

Technology Committee

 We are in need of a new phone system possibly internet-based, meeting microphones/speakers, projector system, etc.


Community Survey Committee

The Planning Commission will soon be working on updating the Master Plan so a new survey is wanted for input from the residents to assist them in that update.  Contact the Treasurer for meeting dates.

 Cemetery Committee

A new committee to work on the cemeteries for updating records, recommend upgrades, see the new software, and maintenance recommendations.

New Hall - Parking Issues Committee

This committee was recently created but no meetings took place. The parking situation has become a safety issue (especially for elections and dark sky meetings) and we need a larger space for meetings.  A Committee can look for vacant land or land with a building to remodel.  If you know of any suitable property or want to serve on the Committee contact the Township.

2023 Ionia County Hazardous Waste/Electronics Drop-Off Dates

Dates and Places

2023 Winter Township Newsletter

The newsletters give Township residents current info about Township news and activities.  Click on the "Winter 2023 Newsletter" below to review it.


Winter 2023 Newsletter

Below is the 2022 Fall Newsletter:

Fall Newsletter

See Assessor's page for the revised Guide to Small Business Taxpayer Personal Property Tax Exemption

Sunfield is participating in a new project to accept and to recycle agricultural plastic.  Click on the link below for all the details.

Sunfield AG Plastic Recycle

Gypsy Moth Info

Click on the link below for Gypsy Moth information.

Gypsy Moth Homeowner Guide

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