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Noise Ordinance


Junk and Unlicensed Vehicle Ordinance


Cemetery Ordinance

Cemetery Fees

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map

Recreational Marihuana Ordinance

Medical Marihuana Ordinance


On 12-18-19 the Township Board adopted an ordinance amendment to add coordinating language to the Zoning Ordinance for coordination with the previously adopted Medical Marijuana Ordinance to allow 2 grower licenses of medical marijuana in the Township AG and AR Districts. Click on "ZOMM Notice" below to view the public notice.  Click on the link below the notice to view the adopted ordinance amendment language.

ZOMM Notice

Adopted Ordinance Amendment 



Click on "ZOWind Notice" below to view the adoption notice for the wind energy ordinance.  Click below that for the adopted wind energy ordinance document.

ZOWind Notice

Adopted Wind Energy Ordinance

Click on "RM Notice" below to view the notice of the adoption of a recreational marihuana ordinance prohibiting those establishments in the Township.  The ordinance is available to read under Announcements on the right side of the page or in the Ordinances tab.

RM Notice


Click on "MM Notice" below to view the notice of the adoption of a medical marihuana ordinance to allow up to 2 growers in the Township.  You can review the actual ordinance to the right under Announcements or in the Ordinances tab.

MM Notice



A zoning ordinance amendment to add and regulate solar energy systems was adopted by the Township Board on October 9, 2018. 

Click on "Notice" below to review the adoption notice


Click on the link below to view the adopted solar energy ordinance amendments.

Solar Energy Systems Ordinance

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